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. san francisco's new year's eve turns violent along the waterfront. we will tell you about the young victim hit by gunfire. we are following major new developments in the fiscal cliff crisis live in washington d.c. this very busy holiday on capitol hill. more than 50 laws go into effect and they protect facebook users and homeowners. and many will get paychecks in this new year, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, happy new year's, happy new
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year's. good morning, i am dave clark, january 1st, 2013. >> and let's begin with a look at weather and traffic, it is definitely chilly out there, steve. >> temperatures are 30s for most but we have a system producing mostly partly cloudy skies and it is spinning going over the mother load and it might give us a few showers and 50s on the temperatures and it is a cold night, here is tara. here is a look at the east shore freeway, traffic is moving along nicely on the mcarthur maze and on the right- hand side along berkeley, traffic is also looking good. coming up, we will tell you about metered parking in san francisco, let's head back to the desk. thousands celebrated at the annual fireworks show at san francisco's waterfront but it was a holiday celebration
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marched by -- marred by violence and we understand a 12- year-old boy was among those shot. >> reporter: he was actually hit in the foot when somebody started shooting somebody started shooting along the embarcadero right near peer 23. this happened as large crowds were gathering waiting for the fireworks show to begin. this same shooting injured another man who was grazed in the hip by a bullet. san francisco police say both shooting victims are being treated for non-life threatening injuries and right now police are still searching for the shooter in that case and it is unclear why that person started shooting. just about an hour before one person was shot in fisherman's wharf. that person's injuries are not considered life-threatening and officers searched the area for the shooting and last saw the
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shooter running through a plaza near fisherman's wharf. police have not announced any arrests but officers did end up making a number of other arrests and a total of 10 people were taken in. most of them, 8 of them were booked for being drunk in public, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you alex. coming up on 5:02 despite that arrest, thousands rang in the new year on the embarcadero safely and they all tried to get a good spot for the firework show. we heard alex say there were a number of arrests for public drunkenness and many planned in ringing in the new way in a responsible way. >> we had a few martinis and we are going straight home and
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into bed. >> many are working on getting people home safely. we posted celebrations around the world, just go to our website and click on the images tab. a search and rescue operation find a missing hiker in marin county. that hiker reportedly became lost after going off the trail. he is not dressed properly for the really cold temperatures up there. this unidentified man is hurt and disoriented putting him more at risk in the chilly overnight temperatures. so far earth to reach -- efforts to reach him by cell phone have not worked. avoiding the so called fiscal cliff, obama released a statement saying while neither democrats nor republicans got everything they wanted, this agreement is the right thing to
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do for the country and the house should pass it without delay. now the house of representatives will reconvene, coming up at 5:15, the big question, will house republicans block the senate bill from passing. it is 5:03 this morning. salvano county follows ahead on collision -- head-on collision, the accident happened near the river bridge on highway 12 east of rio vista. they have not released details about what caused the crash or if alcohol was involved. meanwhile law agencies are cracking down on drunk drivers and dui checkpoints were set up across the area and chp officers were patrolling the highways. the number of dui arrests were down compared to last year but new numbers for this year's crackdown should be released sometime today.
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well new this morning, 2013 means california has certain new laws that take affect today. allie rasmus is joining us live from oakland with the details affected by these new laws, allie? >> reporter: first off, we will tell you about one of those new laws which crackdown on people who steel and sell copper wiring and other medals with public utility poles and it has been a big problem since the recession hit but what this law would do it quadruple the penalty for junk shop owners who buy this metal to $1,000 in penalties. driverless vehicles are a tech giant which will allow cars to be tested on highways as long as it is done in the case of a
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real human being and you could start seeing that in the coming year. and two new rules, one would prevent employers for using passwords for job application and in order to keep their job so employers would not be able to get access to employees' facebook accounts. the second would prohibit them from acquiring access to students accounts. all in all, 870 students are coming up with more rules and we will tell you about another new law coming up to protect student loan applications. san francisco's minimum wage just went up. the minimum wage is $10.55 in san francisco and that's 31
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cents higher than last year. san francisco has the highest minimum wage. new mexico is at $10.29. and for the record, san francisco is $8 per hour. let's check in with tara, in for sal once again and what is the parking situation, do people still have to pay? >> no, not at all, the meter is not being enforced and residential parking, if you want to get out and about it should be pretty easy. we will show you a few accidents and as we zoom in, we see it highway 4 eastbound and that's an injury accident. as we head south, this is in the pleasanton area, we have a vehicle blocking the lanes at sunole boulevard. at the plaza, you can see folks
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are moving nicely into san jose and traffic is looking good in both directions, here is steve. thank you tara, mostly cloudy skies, actually i have a better satellite and watch this little guy right here. yeah, right over us, not a lot of moisture but partly cloudy skies and already frost and freeze warnings were posted for tomorrow morning. bob simpson said that was the last hour and i wish it was 38 so yes, he wishes there was no problem with the thermometer. there is a lost 30s and 40s and 27 in ukiah. tomorrow when we get the clearing taking place it will be very cold. the system is now visiting southern california and we are just dealing with that little guy. it will be a fast mover very
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cold and breezy. just covering myself, upper 40s in some of the higher elevations cold tomorrow morning, it will be sunny and partly sunny skies on thursday and after the weekend mostly sunny and partly cloudy skies but looks dry. a survivor of that deadly tour bus described that horrible tragedy after surviving. the details of the continuing confusion this morning, why the police are struggling to eye didn't few the -- identify the victims. plus the academy awards, why some are complaining and why it may affect this years show. we will have more bay area traffic coming up stay tuned. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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. time is now 5:12 a man who survived the crash in oregon is now talking about it. the charter bus lost control in pendleton oregon. the bus rolled 200 feet down a mountain canyon and victims were thrown out of the bus. the survivor described what it was like. >> people screamed and yelled, some mothers were screaming to
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find their son or daughter. >> police believe there were 49 people on that tour bus and a lot of them were foreign citizens and as we told you nine were killed. they are trying to find those who were separated from their passports and many are in ten different hospitals in three different states. hikers are safe and were rescued. they were hiking near china camp in the loss padre camp and became lost when their cell phone signal was lost. these men were all in their 20s and none of them were hurt. instead of ringing in the new year, the u.s. senate passed a last minute deal to try to keep the country from
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dropping on the fiscal cliff. here is more on why all eyes are on the house. >> reporter: the senate calmed a lot of fears by passing their measure 89-88 this morning. the house of representatives still has to vote on it sometime today or tomorrow. the means this for americans, income tax rates will increase on couples making more than $450,000 a year or more and individuals bringing in more than 400,000. it blocks spending cuts for military programs and extends federal unemployment benefits for 2 million americans for one year and prevents that spike with milk prices. this all comes after 11th hour and mix mcconnel. >> this should not be the way we do things around here but i think we can say we have done some good for the country
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>> reporter: house speaker john boehner did not endorse the agreement but has promised a vote on it or a gop amendment right away. he will get back to it in less than four hours and will continue pawing through the more than 750 paint measure. carla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. voting is being extended for this year's oscar nominations because of problems with the new voting system. it gives voters an extra day to cast their balance. some members have problems and nominations are still scheduled to be announced on january 10th. it is kind of a rough start to the new year and that's where a road is closed. it is cutting off access to a popular beach. a large gap opened up there on
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the road. park officials say it closed limiting access to the beach, sky and horse trail heads but all the park facilities and the trail. and also, a shuttle takes people out to see whales and elephant seals. now is a great time to get out there. they are saying the first elephant seal pups have been born and showing off gray whales they are putting on a real show for visitors. you can still ride muni buses for free. they began offering free service at 8:00 last night which goes until 6:00 a.m. this morning. this encourages itment it is operating for another 45 minutes as well. you can call aaa and that means
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towing your car up to 10 miles. the service is available and i saw a lot of taxes sister on the road this morning coming into work >> tara told them to be somewhere. which you always do. >> i did. there were a lot of other options with mass transit and we do have a traffic hazard in san mateo, a ladder on 101 off ramp which is blocking two lanes of traffic and caltrans is on its way. you can see traffic is moving along nicely into marin county and headlights are moving into san francisco. at the bay bridge toll plaza, same thing, traffic is looking good moving into the city and traffic westbound towards foster city and on the left-
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hand side towards hayward looking good. here is steve. the system is producing very light showers and it is a fast mover and i will show you in just a second so you can have a better look at it. it is not doing much in the way of moisture. everybody on the cloud cover said mostly cloudy, 27 ukiah and sacramento and cold air is coming in later on. even though there is a few little showers right a long san mateo coast, you can see a little bit of shower activity. it is moving to woodside and i doubt they are producing much, this system will be a morning event and it is on its way to southern california which will set up a breezy chilly day. two showers in the morning.
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brentwood alameda, just by the bay and the water, santa cruz in sunny veil, 52 in palo alto, and 54 covers it. cold tomorrow morning is also posted for tomorrow morning and then it looks mostly dry as we go into the weekend. mostp financial markets are closed after avoiding the so called fiscal cliff which is announced by the senate. stocks became increasingly optimistic after an agreement would be reached. the stocks moved 3% higher yesterday and that's attorney% gain in the year and we dropped 4-point 5%. the dow jones industrial average was up anybody --
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finishing the year, nasdaq climbed 59 to 3019 and the s&p 500 rose 23 to close at 1426. 2012 was a record-breaking year at the box office, they had an all-time high of $8 billion and 2013 could be higher and seek walls are set to hit theaters. well new year's means hundreds of resolutions. they were drawn to the pacific ocean as the sun was setting on 2012. it is what the perfect time and place to reflect and make a resolution. >> it is amazing, like the edge of the continent, it is great
5:22 am
to get it going. >> these folks gathered around bond fires and they talked about how they planned to make their lives better in 2013. well, 49ers kicker may be getting kicked to the curb. find out why they are replacing david acres. and cracking down on a dangerous new year's eve tradition. don't forget you can wake up to top stories sent right to your cell phone, get your text 70123 and get your morning wake-up call.
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. welcome back, this is beautiful, it was beautiful it is a lit up with fireworks. officials say there was a lot more movement out there and less smoke. it was fascinating. well it is a tie for the new year's baby and two babies were born in this area, one baby born at sutter medical center at antioch exactly midnight and at the same time
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another baby not sure if it was a boy or girl but born in berkeley. in east palo alto they used shot spotter technology to crack down on dangerous new year's eve traditions. last night police officers tried catch several people who shotguns into the air. they focused in areas where they shotguns in the past and in areas where they found them on the shot spotter system. >> and we are continuing to keep them and the main goal is to deter them. >> police passed out flyers as a warning to try and stop the gunfire before it started. jim harbaugh said he is handing out tryouts and those will be competing for david acres job. he missed two field goals and
5:27 am
is a 15 year veteran. he has been struggling this season and right now he is low in field goal percentage. well, there is just two more days to explore in the marine district. they are closing their doors to move them to the fine arts to the embarcadero. it is going to be on peer 15 an admission will be free from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and meanwhile it is open today. let us check in with tara, once again, filling in for sal and no problems out there, which is good news. that is great news. the chp website logged all of the accidents and we had a little bit of flurry activity going on around the 3:00 to 4:00 hour and you can see traffic is moving nicely in
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both directions. at the sunole grade near fremont, same story, so far so good. let's check in with steve. we had a shower and skyline on the temperatures not much with the system but there is enough to give us mostly cloudy skies and a few pop-up showers and we will talk more about that in about 10 minutes but a few lower 40s and upper 50s at best today. there was deadly fire in old sacramento last night, which is why they stopped a deadly scene outside of a restaurant. a mayor is trying to put his best foot forward and why he may not be welcomed warmly.
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and it is the first rose pole in years and we will tell you why they are not making the trip to pass dena. -- pasadena.
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. well, good morning it is january 1st, the first day of 2013 and it is 5:30 on the dot and let's go to steve for our
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new year's day forecast. there is still plenty of 30s and 40s and we are a little low producing mostly cloudy skies, there a long los altos and that's skyway 9. here is tara. as you make your way towards hayward fremont area, traffic is moving well and as you drive through the caldecott tunnel and orange do, let's head pack to the deskment. while hundreds of thousands celebrated safely in san francisco, there was gunfire and it dampened the celebration. live in san francisco, he has been on the story since 4:30,
5:33 am
what happened there, at legs? >> a second person just opened fire along the embarcadero. this happened when large crowds were waiting for the fireworks to begin. along with that boy, a man was grazed in the hip by a bullet. san francisco police say both victims are being treated for non-life threatening bullets and they want to know what started that firing in the first place. one person was shot in the handwriting near fisherman's wharf close to the intersection of jefferson and mason streets. those victims are not badly hurt and the shooter was last seen running through a plaza.
5:34 am
i do however have a call out to san francisco police and we have a shooting and so far i have not hurt back this morning. ktvu channel 2 morning news. in old sacramento three people were killed and two others were hurt in a new year's eve shooting. shots were fired around 9:30 and after the shooting, the area's midnight fireworks show was canceled and police cleared the area. the suspect was shot by a security guard. last night's san francisco waterfront show attracted thousands of people. it was beautiful to see, the new year's eve show lit up the
5:35 am
sky at the embarcadero. on pier 14. and of course there were a lot of new year's eve parties which sets you back about $100 per person. they say new year's eve is the second busiest of the year. >> and of course there was this and they packed time care, just three hours before, you could not get close enough to see it. as you can imagine, surveillance was extremely tight. we posted a celebration from all over the world for you to
5:36 am
see. check on the i am mans tap. that is after the u.s. senate passed bill early this morning to avoid the fief 5 and -- fiscal cliff and now they reconvene at 9:00 a.m. starting this morning and we will have a live report with details on this alleged legislation. one part passed extend portions through milk bills and without this legislation milk prices were expected to follow. it is a new one and they are explaining why they arep not being received well from
5:37 am
some officers, jeanine. >> reporter: well the mayor is scheduled to be here in about an hour but some tell us it is a surprise he will even show -- showing up. it is an annual tradition to publicly thank safety officials on new year's day but it is interesting to see how reid will be briefed here this morning. the mayor has been unpopular with officers ever since he championed a measure to reform pension plans and he said the mass our is i will look legalment and chris chief he more will be leaving after the highest years and property crimes are also on the rise and we will be talking about this
5:38 am
and his plan from the new year's. jeanine tell vague. let check in for sal and i would like to park in san francisco. >> well, i can grant you that wish. i do what i can. this year parking will not be enforced so great news if you want to get out and about in san francisco. right now we will head outside at 237, traffic on the west bar. it shows you the lights towards concord and again no delays, here is steve. we have a little system moving quickly but it will usher in some cold air tonight and freeze and frost warnings
5:39 am
are producing light showers. we will get a -- get a look and temperatures were compared to yesterday. windchills are about 20 degrees below and right near the san mateo coast, looks like it is starting to pick up in intensity, heading toward santa cruz mountains and nothing too late bright around sarah saratoga and this system will produce light showers and a few more showers in the morning or too much rain. 50s on the temperatures even up in santa rosa then they would
5:40 am
be 55 but temperatures tonight will be some very went protected areas. cold tomorrow morning, partly sunny skies looks dry into the weekend and it looks like our pattern has changed. one of the most anticipated events it is the 124th year and lot of them staked out their prime workers and they camped out overnight as temperatures fell into the mid- 40s. they rose the pole. now the cardinals raged 8th and there are more than 38,000
5:41 am
stanford fans and tow are correct the big game and they will bring you highlights from the interest viewing area. and come padre in rio napa, and along the station they are hosting parties for somebody who shot and killed a 15-year- old girl. why the shooting is having such a strong impact on the police chief. plus we have new information about the hospitalization of secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and why she should make a full recovery. and we will take a look at more bay area traffic including
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. good morning, we have mostly cloudy skies, a few showers on the peninsular mainly low 50s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 5:43, there was gunfire along san francisco's embarcadero for new year's eve. three people including a 12- year-old boy was injured. police believe those victims will survive. so far no suspects have been arrested. a search is underway for a missing hiker in marin county. sheriff's deputies say a man got lost after going off the trail. and millions of new
5:45 am
california laws take affect today. one is designed for copper thefts. those who buy stolen metals will have to pay an increase of $50. and the house of representatives after the senate approved a deal to avoid the so called fiscal cliff around 2:00 a.m. and renee is joining us now with what is likely to happen when the house reconvene this morning and in a few hours, rain nay in. >> that is right and the next task is to have the house measure and they will be looking at that physical cliff package. let's talk about last night when we saw vice-president joseph biden on capitol hill and many knew that was a signal
5:46 am
that negotiators had finally struck a deal. vice-president joseph biden and senate republican leader mitch mcconnel called it a closer's deal and the two men were central to working this out. when vice-president joseph biden was there, he briefed fellow democrats and legs laying was drafted and individuals making more than deck -- legislation was drafted and families making more than $450,000 a year will see their taxes go up and while those automatic spending cuts are deferred until the beginning of march, it will provide savings. half will come from spending cuts and if you look at this full bill, it is bipartisan. final senate vote, 89-88, back to you. and doctors say they expect secretary of state hillary rodham clinton to make a full
5:47 am
recover after suffering a blood cloth. between the skull and behind her right ear, clinton is making excellent progress and is in good spirit. a senate report found that the white house did not make major changes in the talking points in the administrations used but some are questioning whether they rewrote the statements for political reasons. well, tonight vigils will be held in two east bay communities from india. she died after being gang raped. several are calling for more protection for women. now local indian leaders will be holding a vigil at the
5:48 am
fremont hundred due -- hundred due tunnel. people will be gathering at 6:00 tonight in recognition of all recommends of rape. well police chief howard is offering a reward leading to the conviction of a shooting. the two were walking to the steaks on sunday afternoon when they were shot in broad daylight. the 15-year-old girl was killed and the boy was shot in the foot and is expected to recover. howard jordan wants your help in identifying the shooting. the shooter may be as young as 13. it's very disheartening and discouraging and embarrassing to the city and to myself as a police chief. >> it is particularly hard for him since he has two teenage
5:49 am
daughters. it is part of the nhl season and it will be the latest to complete the deal. more than 58% has been canceled because of a lock out but yesterday they gave their counteroffer to the league and could get a response by this morning. a deal would have to be reached by january 11th, and if approved, the games would start no later than 18th. they kept head coach dennis allan and reggie mcken's did i. the raiders ended their loss with a record of 12 wins and 4 losses, and across the way, one l.l. o, they were calling it black
5:50 am
mondayment. >> time now what just happened in the south bay? >> well, we have a one way driver going at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. and chp is on the scene and we will keep you posted. right now 880 and in the san leandro area, one lane is blocked but it is in the clearing stages. you can see traffic is moving well in both directions and along the east shore freeway, you can see traffic is also looking good. a little fast moving system, a little spin in the atmosphere and it is giving the peninsular a few showers. a little president and because of
5:51 am
this system coming tonight and they issued a frost warning. you can see a quick look at them and you can see it zipping by woodside quickly and they are sketching and again this will be for another hour but they are there right now. again there is not a lot of moisture and after that clears out it could be a fool breezy day. -- breezy day. for many of us it will be a brisk day and antioch and sunny veil. 50s on the coast, palo alto starting often cooler in other
5:52 am
locations and tonight, because of wind protected areas, there ising it to be a frost and freeze adviser and the system cuts off and heads to southern california leaking us dry. the federal aviation add minute station is ordering a 2009 incident which forced an emergency landing. the faa will seek more detailed inspections for cracks along the tops of the plane. the state sales tax goes up today and will increase, thanks to the voter approved and
5:53 am
that's a big dips like a new car and they will notice a change when they head to the grocery store today. there will be no more plastic bags at check out and it will cost you 10 cents for recycled plastic bags if you don't bring your own. 51 other city and counties and they already put that in plastic bags. how it will focus on oscar grant and the controversial bart shooting, we have the tee tail and you are being asked to back away from your fireplace this first day of the new year's.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
. all right, 5:55, the first day of 2013 and we have our first spare the air day. that means it is illegal to burn wood or any other solid fuels in the fireplace or any other wood burning devices. later this morning, the
5:57 am
first snow survey will be conducted. those early storms helped to boost the snow pack electronic readers. snow contact is 146% of the normal statewide. today's snow pack measurements will take place at echo summit and they will be used to confirm those electronic readings. they are now looking at surveillance video to solve the whom side on monterey highway. witnesses said the victim got into an argument with two men before he was shot. police designed two people and recovered the weapon involved. family and friends will gather to remember oscar grant and mark the day of his death. the young father was shot and
5:58 am
killed pie johan necessary measurely. they will pay tribute to his life and will have a balloon release. the vigil begins at noon. same sex couples began getting married. same sex couples in maryland have not been able to get married and now they have approved same sex marriages. i want to check in with that -- tara. >> reporter: i have not received any messages on whether they caught the person. it looks like roadways are clear at the moment and not a lot of accidents to report at
5:59 am
the moment. you can seek woke are at the same point, no delays to report. we have new information about a search for a missing hiker. we will tell you why the search was just -- called off. >> the new year's eve celebration, five boys are among three people shot along the city's waterfront. a few showers, we will take a look at those and have your forecasted highs in just a moment. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register

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